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COVID-19 Response


We deeply value our team, our guests and our community and take health and safety very seriously, so we are taking proactive and aggressive measures to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Aside from using our everyday food safety, personal hygiene, and handwashing practices and procedures, we are taking the following specific measures to raise awareness about basic health practices and protective measures to keep ourselves free of and spreading illness. 

We are in direct communication with the LA County of Public Health for specific instruction for our establishment. 

We follow the guidelines and protocols of the CDC, CalOSHA and the EPA. 

Practice doing the 5. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, nose and mouth, cough into your elbow, stay more than 3 feet apart, & feel sick stay home.

Practice waving instead of hugs, handshakes or fist bumps. 

Require that staff stay home if they are sick and communicate if they are experiencing any symptoms of fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. (No one has been sick so far)

Stay home if someone at home is sick. Use your sick days if needed. Let us know if you have run out and we will see if we can help. Limit close contact with people who are sick.

We have implemented a system and procedure to disinfect every contact surface every two-hours with hand-sanitizing wipes (we have plenty), sanitizing solution and hand-sanitizer. These surfaces include but are not limited to 

GREETER STATION: VInyl menus wiped down after every use, Front door handle outside and inside, Greeter station computer and stand, Greeter station phone #101, Bar phone #102, Toast tablet, Door Dash table, countertops, all pens, AC panel x 2, Light panel

KITCHEN: KDS terminal, coffee machine nob, hot water handle, iced tea handle, light panel

SERVER STATION: server station phone, server station countertop (where we leave their checklist) all pens, server station stapler, doorknob into the music station, doors knobs under server station, Ipod, Ipad

Vero water handles, bar stapler, bar toast terminal, all pens, water station, refrigerator door handles, bar refrigerator handles

 all door handles, inside and out (4 total), marble service outside restroom, push door handle into restroom area, back door, door handle, front and back gate to office, front and back

 cell phone, keys, laptop

Maintaining the proper disinfectant levels and disinfecting all contact surfaces in the BOH including surfaces in each work station, Ice machine door, Freezer door, Ice scoop, and including and not limited to

  • Front kitchen sanitizing, Printers, Ticket rails, Change out sanitizer
  • General BOH Sanitizing, Lockers, Upstairs linen closet door, shirt cabinet doors, mop/broom/squeegee handles, All door handles (inside & outside), kitchen knobs/handles (ovens/mixers/panini press)